When it comes to cleaning your house, you need the help of a professional cleaning service. This company will provide you with all the necessary services you may need to get your house completely clean. The first question you may ask when going for their service is what kind of washing do, they do. Does the company provide power washing and pressure washing? If so, which one is better?

Is There a Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

Our services are top-notch but what is important is that you know the difference between power washing and pressure washing. Power washing refers to the use of hot water to take of grime and dirt that may have settled over the years. Pressure washing refers to high-pressure water that is used to take off dirt, algae, and mould.

They both work amazingly in their own capacity and provide you with the perfect result. The only main difference is that one uses hot water for the removal and the other uses high pressured water.

Reasons You Should Not Pressure Wash Your House?

When it comes to cleaning your house, there is a decision that needs to be taken. This is where the power wash takes the lead. Here are a few reasons why pressure washing is not the ideal solution.

  • The high pressure could destroy the wood panelling in the house. The pressure could force water to go inside the crevices of the wood panels destroying them from inside.
  • There are electrical panels outside most houses, power wash could accidentally cause a lot of destruction if it comes in contact with those panels.
  • Don’t use it to clean roofs. The high pressure of the water could create major damage to the roof.

For these few reasons, pressure washing is not the ideal way to clean your house. You should always hire a professional exterior cleaning service. They know how to get the job done correctly and without damaging your home.

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