When hiring pressure washers to clean off the dirt and grime that has built up on the outside of your home, you need to ensure you are contacting quality cleaners who will provide the best service to you and your house. Whether it’s your first time hiring a pressure washer or you’re seeking a new team to complete the job, these four questions are essential to consider.

            1. Do they have experience with low-pressure cleaners?

Using a low-pressure washer, rather than a high-pressure washer, is critical. High pressure washers, along with untrained professionals, can cause exterior damage to your house.

            2. What chemicals are they using to clean?

In order to effectively clean your house, chemicals and detergents must be combined with a low-pressure washer. Deep-set molds, mildews, and stains cannot be removed with water alone. Therefore, a professional washer should not only be aware of that, but should also have supplies that are not damaging to the environment.

            3. Do they have a plan to work around your landscaping?

You’ve put time, effort, and money into making sure that your landscaping is properly maintained. The last thing you want is a team of pressure washers to come in and disrupt all of your hard work. A good team of professionals should have a plan in place for cleaning that will minimize disruption to your yard as much as possible.

            4. Are they insured?

True professionals should have both insurance and licenses. It is crucial that homeowners be properly protected in case something goes wrong or an accident happens, so as not to incur any legal fees or blame. While it is unlikely something bad will occur while pressure cleaning your house, it is always best to prepare for any scenario.

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