No matter what type of home you have, maintaining the exterior is a crucial step to retaining its value and keeping it looking great. Over time, your home’s exterior will build up layers of dirt, algae, mold, moss, and other bits of grime that can make your home look bad—and put it at risk for damage. The best way to clean your home’s exterior is through either soft washing or pressure washing—but which should you choose?

Soft washing vs Pressure Washing

While both ways of cleaning are effective, they shine in different ways.

Soft washing is the process of using water mixed with chemical detergents and gently washing the exterior of the home. These chemicals can be designed to eliminate certain types of algae or other types of growth.

Pressure washing uses fewer chemicals and instead uses much more pressure. The pressure gets so high that it forces the dirt and growth off the surface. While power washing can remove just about any type of buildup, pressure washing can sometimes be too forceful.

When To Soft wash

Soft washing is the preferred method when dealing with surfaces that are easily damaged by high heat or pressure. Because soft washing typically deals with PSI around 500 (sometimes up to 1000), it has a much lower risk of damaging delicate materials such as vinyl siding, stucco, and the protective coating on asphalt roof shingles. Soft washing mixes chemicals in the water which can be used to specifically target different types of growth like algae or moss.

When to Pressure Wash

Pressure washing operates at 2,500 PSI, more than double that of soft washing. This level of pressure can be used to remove stains, build up, and grime on just about any surface. Because the pressure is so high, though, it should only be used on durable surfaces. These include brick and stone exteriors, concrete or asphalt driveways, or pavers.

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