Removing stubborn dirt from that surface can be a daunting task. Achieving a sparkling surface may only be attained by the use of a pressure or power washer. Most professional cleaning services deploy the use of pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing as part of their cleaning methods.

Each of these cleaning methods is used based on the cleaning surface or area. For a lot of people and professional cleaning services, soft washing is deemed preferable in cleaning exterior surfaces; before getting to know why let us have a better understanding of the term soft washing. To fully grasp the concept of soft washing, we need to talk about pressure and power washing.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses low-pressure washing procedures and a specialized solution to rid out mildew, bacteria, algae, etc. from exterior surfaces. For best results, soft washing should be used with specialized solutions such as bleach or a biodegradable cleaning solution to remove dirt from exterior surfaces.

Just like power washing and pressure washing, soft washing also entails the use of water blasted out under low pressure. Soft washing is attained when the pressure rate of pressure washers is adjusted to lower the Psi( pound-force per square inch). In achieving this, the pressure washer’s nozzles are replaced with one that drops the point of pressure and widens the spray.

Again, soft washing is done using a pressure rate of less than 500 PSi for rinsing and other cleaning applications. It is also important to state here that there are equipment that are specially designed for soft washing.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is a method of cleaning that involves the use of water at very high pressure. It is an effective cleaning method as it can be used in cleaning areas such as driveways, sidewalks, patio, etc.

Power washing

The main distinction between power washing and pressure washing is the temperature of the water. Power washing uses the exact mechanism of pressure washing, which is blasting water at very high-pressure only using hot water. Power washing is commonly used for outdoor cleaning of sideways, driveways, stone walls, and concrete.  

Why is soft washing the preferred exterior cleaning method?

Exterior surfaces such as roof shingles, wood paneling, windows, screens, enclosures, outdoor rooted plants, outdoor wood furniture, lanais, vinyl siding, etc. are best cleaned using soft washing. It is tough to use high-pressure washing for these areas without damage.

Algaes are common on the rooftops. It’s presence causes a dark streak on your shingles and ultimately rots it. Soft washing is the only cleaning method that can effectively remove the algae without damaging the shingles or invalidating your warranty.

Similarly, soft washing is capable of removing the spores of algae from your roof, thereby completely preventing their growth. High-pressure washing removes mildew and algae from surfaces, but it never gets to destroy the spores as soft washing.

Soft washing helps you save money in the sense that it fully breaks down bacteria that help mildew stick to your sidings, leaving your home clean for a more extended period. 

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