Keeping a building clean can be a lot of work. Whether a home, a warehouse, or a shop, infrastructure support is vital to keeping life moving forward. This means not only keeping the inside of a building clean and properly organized, but also making sure the outside is well maintained. Landscaping to make the place look inviting and washing of windows and walls to keep the place and clean and welcoming are just as important as mopping and sweeping the floors inside.

One often overlooked, yet still important part of building cleanliness, is the roof. People tend to forget about the roof because people tend not to notice it for very long. Out of sight, out of mind isn’t a saying for nothing, after all. Roof cleanliness and maintenance is just as vital to creating a clean and safe building, just as with any other building cleaning regimen. An improperly cleaned or neglected roof can rot and weaken, allowing water and animals into the structure where they can cause all manner of damage.

As with any other part of a building, the roof needs to be regularly cleaned. A well washed roof is a well maintained roof, which means it is a safe roof. In order to make a safe and clean roof, hiring professionals is generally a good idea. Roof work can be dangerous, so it’s best handled by the people who know what they’re doing and know how to do it safely.

One major reason to keep a roof cleaned and maintained can be seen on any roof that hasn’t been regularly looked after. If you have ever seen black streaks on a roof, those streaks are actually algae. That alga can eat away at shingles and weaken the roof, which, as mentioned before, can create holes in the roof that can let in rainwater or animals. It gets worse, however, because that black algae can grow down the walls of a building as well. Said algae will be much more noticeable on the walls than on the roof, and carries the same dangers as it would on the roof, too. The algae usually starts on the north side of a building and creeps its way along based on sunlight and moisture.

Knowing how to clean away such algae and make it less likely to grow back is one of the hallmarks of a roof cleaning professional. It’s not just algae you have to worry about, either. Nearby tree branches can scratch and gouge a roof to create entry points as well. In the autumn, leafy buildup can create good growing locations for algae, mold, and mildew. And in the winter, snow buildup can allow the formation of dangerous icicles. All of these potential weather hazards can be dealt with through regular roof cleaning. In order to ensure that cleaning is done properly, it is a very good idea to hire the professionals. Most people don’t like going up onto the roof, and with good reason, the pros can do it safely, so it’s best to let them handle the job.

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