When most people think about cleaning their home, they think about interior cleaning. While that is important, you can’t forget about your home’s exterior either. Exterior home cleaning can add value to your property, provide a line of defense against expensive repair and replacement costs, and prevent things like mold growth and bug infestations. If you haven’t had your home cleaned in a while, here’s why you need to use a professional power and soft washing service:

Increase Your Property Value

Having professional house washing will increase your curb appeal, make your neighbors happy, and can ultimately give you more return on your investment if you decide to sell your home. The difference between a home with a well maintained exterior and one that is neglected can be 2-5%; that could be tens of thousands of dollars.

Prevent Long-Lasting Damage

One of the big problems with neglecting the exterior of your home is that it eliminates the protection that your home has to offer. A roof left uncleaned will start to grow mold and algae which feeds off the asphalt and limestone, exposing the shingles to harmful UV radiation. Gutters that aren’t cleaned can cause water to seep into your foundation or basement and eventually lead to mold growth. With professional cleaning, you make sure your home stays safe throughout the years.

Why You Need A Professional

Every home is different so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to exterior home cleaning. DIY products that work for some windows may stain others. Power washers that work on concrete can permanently damage vinyl siding. Using a professional home washing company will give you a team of professionals that will clean your property quickly, efficiently, and affordably. With just a few cleanings per year, you can add years of life to your home and thousands of dollars in home value.

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