While pressure washing and power washing might seem like they are essentially the same thing, that isn’t quite the case. While the purpose of both machines is the same, how they function is quite different. So, there are several differences between pressure washing and power washing, and that’s why its always best to hire a professional exterior cleaning company.

Power Washing

A power washer uses hot water to remove any grime, algae, dirt, and even mold. So, it can be used to clean wood siding, vinyl, gutters, sidewalks, a patio, and even a deck. The finished result is a bright and clean surface for you to walk on. It can even be used to kill weeds on your property, remove mildew, and even aged and dried impurities, such as gum. While the pressure of the water is normal, the temperature of the water is quite hot, which is what helps in removing impurities. 

Pressure Washing

A pressure washer, too, is used to remove impurities, such as dirt, mold, and grime off surfaces. These machines are either powered by electricity or gas. However, the aspects in which a pressure washer differs from a power washer is that, instead of using hot water, it uses water of normal temperature. The pressure of the water that flows within a pressure washer is much stronger than that of a power washer as the tank applies pressure. The pressure falls between thirteen hundred to twenty-eight hundred psi. Another aspect in which a pressure washer differs from a power washer is that it has a variety of nozzles that are used for blasting off different types of impurities. The type of nozzle you use depends on factors, such as the size of the dirt and the area where it is located. Leave it to the professionals for any pressure washing or power washing that needs to be done around your home or business!

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