A professional cleaning can achieve dramatic results in both the outward appearance and health of your home. Watching that layer of dirt wash away is satisfying beyond belief, but it’s important to know what the best method is to clean your home so that you can achieve your popular cleaning services are pressure washing and soft washing, but which is best for washing concrete? 

Pressure washing is an extremely effective home solution to cleaning various surfaces of the home, including concrete. Pressure washing involves applying a highly pressurized water stream to a house to literally blast the debris away. Best used on walking surfaces, decks, stone pathways, patio furniture, and more, anything that is hard, but has deep cracks or grooves that allow dirt to be embedded is a great candidate for pressure washing. Soft washing is done using less powerful sprays of water for cleaning and rinsing. Soft washing utilizes special cleaning solutions to break down debris trapped on your home’s exterior that are eco-friendly and won’t strip your exterior. Typically, you’ll be getting either pressure washing or soft washing done to your home, though they can be used in combination to tackle different levels of dirt. 

Giving your concrete a deep cleaning is important for your health as well as its appearance. Your health is impacted by the long-term build-up of dirt, mold, pollen, algae, and decaying matter. All of that organic debris and mold builds up over time in between cracks, underneath sidings, around stones, and on your patio. All these problems bond themselves into your exterior surfaces where the garden hose can’t penetrate, meaning that you end up sicker and breathing worse without realizing why. Both pressure and soft washing can help remove that debris, so you’ll want to ask your cleaning professional which is best for you.

With a professional’s skilled touch, you run no risks of damaging your home while keeping your concrete in tip-top condition. Professional cleaning contractors can clean any surface, any time, anywhere, all while relying on industry standards and practices to provide you with an efficient and effective clean. This makes the entire project take less time and produces a better and longer-lasting clean overall. No matter what the condition of your concrete is, finding a professional soft-washer is the best way to guarantee clean, quality concrete every time!

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