Roof cleaning has metamorphosed into a widely accepted aspect of home exterior maintenance. All roofing experts agree to the fact that maintaining and cleaning the roof increases its life span. Preventing your roof from debris, tidying up the gutter, replacing, and repairing any missing shingle all play a crucial role in extending the roof’s life.

However, you should take note that the majority of roofing professionals will suggest that you should employ a professional to clean and maintain your roof. These people have the right tools and knowledge. They have the equipment to navigate your roof.

Algae, fungi, and moss can all make your roof slippery and dangerous to clean. Professionals know how to go about this.


According to roofing professionals, here are some good reasons to clean your roof:

It prevents your wood from rotting by eliminating fungi, algae, lichen, and moss. The microorganisms can damage your roof and result in the growth of molds.

Microorganisms like moss can be eating up the organic parts of your roofs. You have to get rid of them to prevent any further damage.

Roofs that contain algae fungi and moss do not effectively reflect the sun. That increases the temperature in your attics, thereby inflating cooling costs.

It increases your home curb appeal.


The question – of how frequent you should tidy up your roof, has diverse answers. The condition of your roof determines its lifespan. Therefore a conscious observation of your roof will save some money in the long run. Besides, your type of roof will determine the form of cleaning you require.

Professionals recommend that you clean your roof usually every one to three years, depending on the following factors:

The frequency of the fall of leaves and debris:

If you notice leaves and debris accumulating on your roof, you may want to consider a more frequent roof cleaning. That is because when leaves are all over it, they trap moisture, which eases the growth of bacteria, moss, and fungi, which can eventually result in leaks. 

The type of roof you have will also determine the frequency of roof cleaning

Most concrete tiles have a rough finish that does not dry fast when wet. Therefore they need a more frequent cleaning every two to three years, based on the type of cleaning technique you employ. 

Asphalt shingle roofs are more delicate than concrete tiles. Therefore they should not need the first cleaning when newly made, for at least seven years.

Other factors are weather conditions in your area (mostly humidity), the roof’s age, and maybe they have once suffered damages from severe weather.


We recommend that you employ a professional to carry out this process. These experts make use of special tools and biodegradable cleaning solutions that do not negatively affect your roof. 

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