There are some jobs that should simply be left to others, and it doesn’t have to get more complicated than that. If you are wondering whether you should be tending to your gutters personally, the answer is certainly, ‘no.’ Homeowners, without the proper equipment and training, should not be taking on the job of cleaning gutters, especially not alone. Though, it should be noted that a team of inexperienced people is not much better than one inexperienced person. Either way, it is important to leave the job of gutter cleaning and roofs to those who are best trained to do the job. 

When cleaning gutters, ladders are needed in order to get to the proper height in most homes. This often means getting very high off the ground and potentially risking injury. The average home is twenty-five feet tall. At that height, there is serious risk of injury at the very least. And, cleaning gutters is a manual job. You have to take out all of the waste by hand. This would mean that for a homeowner to safely do the job, they would have to move the ladder every couple of feet in order to properly clean the gutters, and even then there is still immense risk. 

At such heights, people expose themselves to the risk of injury or death. Even with others around, it is not safe for individuals so be tending to gutters by themselves. Companies have the correct equipment to ensure that they are secure and are able to work as quickly as possible, and homeowners do not. Even if a homeowner was to avoid injury, it would still take exponentially longer to clean home gutters than it would with a hired company. Again, however, the most relevant risk is that of falling or having an accident at such a height. 

At a height of twenty-five feet, individuals risk injury at best. At worst, people could be risking death, all to clean gutters without aid. At twenty-five feet, broken bones are almost guaranteed, and that is if the house is an average two story building. There are plenty of houses, especially those that are older with third stories or attics, that are even taller. In fact, whether homeowners should, by themselves, clean their gutters should not even be up for debate. It is a matter of safety, and doing such work alone can end with serious issues. When having gutters or roofs cleaned, it is better to work from a ‘better safe than sorry’ standpoint and hire trained workers to do the job. 

Homes are a lot of work, and cleaning gutters out is just one of those things that needs to be done. It does not, however, need to result in injury or death. By hiring a company to do the work of gutter cleaning and maintenance for you, you can be sure that you are getting a quick and quality result without taking any serious risks. Roofs and gutters are hard to get to, and when it comes to tending to them, it is best left to the professionals. 

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