Most wood fences are made from cedar as well as several wood types to provide beautiful protective borders all around the home. But, a lot of homeowners become pretty much uncertain about the best way to approach the cleaning of their wood fence to keep them looking new and fresh for so many years. However, specialists in the industry have been able to reveal the best way of approaching your fence cleaning to ensure that they look new all the time.

Soft washing as used on wooden fences

While there are various methods of which the wood fence can be washed and cleaned, there is the best method. Conventional methods of cleaning the wood fence include power washing the wood fence with the use of harsh chemicals and the high-powered water stream plus hand scrubbing as another method, the best process of cleaning the wood fence is through the soft washing method. This method is a lot less labor-intensive and better than getting down on the ground on your knees and hands while it is less harsh than other cleaning systems that make use of high-pressure water blasters. In comparison, washers that make use of high-pressure water can practically cause damage to your wood fence and results in future repairs, which could be time-consuming and costly.

Soft washing is the best method for removing dirt and stains from your wood fence

Soft washing is the perfect method of wood fences of all categories since the cleaning agents used in the process are bleach-stable, non-hazardous, and water-based. Soft washing brings out the wood’s natural color so that the wood’s internal unique textures and colors can be revealed. One of the reasons why you need a specialist to do this effectively is that the solution can easily be applied using different levels of strength, which is determined according to the required level of cleaning that your wood fence needs.

Professionals can effectively determine the cleaning requirements of your wood fence by merely inspecting and assessing it. For instance, wood fences that have been heavily soiled with grime and excessive dirt could need a solution that is stronger than surfaces that have been soiled lightly by organic growth that are mild.

Why you need to hire professionals to wash your wood fence

The best cost-effective method of cleaning your wooden fence is to get a specialist hired to do the job. Most professional soft washers quickly and effortlessly get the job done the right time and for the first time. While this can save you time and are typically affordable, when you hire professionals in the washing of wood fences, you shall avoid damaging the wood fence. Additionally, hired professionals ensure that you do not do it yourself because this can easily lead to inadequate cleaning and half-done jobs.

What are the dangers of not cleaning your wooden fence?

Each time that your wooden fence is dirty and you ignore it, there is a risk that molds, algae, and mildew can develop from and grow with time. Eventually, if this is not controlled or effectively managed, your amazing wooden fence could begin to undergo rapid damage and rot away.

Thus, soft washing is the best way of removing all these damaging materials from your wooden fence and to restore its integrity as well as the longevity of the wall. This will ensure that your fence keeps on looking new and fresh regardless of whatever the weather throws at it. Call us today for a free quote (336-355-1943)!